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I'm Josh Teichman,

This is Project Lead the Way.


About Me 

Hi! My name is Josh Teichman and I have been a part of the PLTW program for 6 years. I started my Engineering journey in my middle school called SMASH in Santa Monica where I have lived my entire life.  

Goals for 20/21

My goal this year in engineering is to be part of designing a open source project that can be easily replicated and modified by parts of the public who have some technical experience but not necessarily years of engineering expertise. My general goal for 20/21 is to take advantage of my new privileges as a legal adult such as voting.


​I´m really interested in environmental science and renewable technology/innovations. I also really enjoy applying mathematics to real world problems and using it to help me refine and perfect my designs. I also really like 3D modeling using Inventor and breadboarding.

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